Should I Be Concerned if My Egg Donor Has Previously Donated?

Like most agencies, at Elevate we work with both first-time donors and previous donors alike. Many donors who find the process highly rewarding and have positive results for their retrieval return to donate multiple times. Should choosing an experienced donor concern you? Absolutely not! In fact, there are many benefits of choosing a previous donor.

The Benefits of Choosing a Previous Donor

Choosing a donor with previous donation experience first and foremost offers the benefit of being able to view previous retrieval results and records. Not all women’s bodies respond the same to hormone stimulation. When you choose one of our highly vetted previous donors, you can move forward with assurance that your donor will likely have great retrieval results once more. Additionally, donors who have previously donated will have already been through the psychological and medical screening steps of the donation process. Genetic screening will likely not need to be repeated, and psychological screenings are typically updated every 6 to 12 months. Choosing a previous donor allows you to move forward with confidence that you have already selected an approved candidate. Previous donors have been through the donation process, know exactly what to expect, and are thrilled to do it all over again. There are only positives to choosing a previous donor!

Learn More About the Donor Selection Process with Elevate

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