How to Prepare for Egg Retrieval

In the weeks approaching your egg retrieval, you’ll already be taking special care of yourself. Hydrating appropriately, avoiding strenuous exercise, and taking all medications on time will help ensure a safe and healthy med-cycle. But what about preparing for the actual egg retrieval?

Steps You Can Take to Prepare for Egg Retrieval

Take a Trigger Shot

The first way donors can prepare for egg retrieval is by taking the trigger shot 36 hours before the egg retrieval appointment. Nurse coordinators typically give an exact hour for this injection to be done. This hormone shot will be the final push to help follicles come to maturity and release the eggs prepared for retrieval.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

The day of the retrieval appointment, donors should show up wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothes like sweatpants and a t-shirt. You’ll be given a hospital gown for the procedure but will want something easy and comfortable to change back into afterwards.

Avoid Perfume and Jewelry

Like many surgeries, you will want to avoid wearing heavy perfume or lots of jewelry. Be sure to show up early and bring your photo ID. Since you will be under a small amount of anesthesia for your retrieval, most doctors will also ask that you discontinue eating and drinking 8 to 10 hours before the procedure.

Prepare Your Transportation

Finally, you will want to prepare for your egg retrieval by securing a ride home afterwards. Egg donors at Elevate are typically entitled to a companion for their retrieval trip who can be their ride home after the egg retrieval. Alternatively, a pickup can be arranged to bring you back to your hotel accommodation safely. The egg retrieval process itself is a quick procedure, usually taking less than 30 minutes. Simple preparation beforehand will help you feel ready and comfortable on your retrieval day.

Learn More About Preparing for Egg Retrieval with Elevate

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