How Does Surrogacy Insurance Work in California? 

Surrogate insurance is one of the essential components of the surrogacy process in California as well as any surrogacy-friendly state. A surrogate with medical and life insurance coverage ensures that she will be taken care of before, during, and after the gestational period. Medical insurance can be a complex and confusing thing for surrogates and Intended Parents to navigate. At Elevate, we work with insurance professionals to provide the coverage needed to our surrogates and clients so that they may focus on what is most important: the birth of their child.

Life Insurance for Surrogates

Every surrogate should have a life insurance policy before an embryo transfer occurs. Surrogates can choose their beneficiaries, whether a spouse, child, family member, friend, or any combination. The intended parents will also be beneficiaries of the policy. At Elevate, surrogacy life insurance policies are purchased by our agency and are never an expense incurred by the gestational carriers.

Surrogates Who Already Have Health Insurance

Many people already have their own health coverage when they apply to be a surrogate. However, insurance policies vary greatly, and not all policies cover surrogacy maternity. Whether a surrogate has California-based insurance or another state, her agency will conduct an extensive professional review to ensure the policy does not have an exclusion for a surrogacy pregnancy. If the policy proves surrogacy-friendly, then the surrogate will be cleared to use her existing health plan. If there is an exclusion for surrogacy on her medical insurance, a new policy will need to be implemented before an embryo transfer can occur.

Surrogates Who Do Not Have Their Own Insurance

If a surrogate has insurance that does not cover surrogacy maternity or does not have health insurance at all, then she will have to enroll in a new insurance plan. At Elevate and most reputable agencies, we handle the entire insurance placement and enrollment process so that there is no guesswork on the part of the surrogate or intended parents. Insurance policies can be identified during ACA (Affordable Care Act) open enrollment or purchased anytime through insurance providers like Lloyds of London. Elevate and our professional insurance partners will review any policy purchased to ensure it covers surrogacy maternity.

Does A Surrogate Pay For Her Own Insurance?

Typically, no. If a surrogate has her own surrogacy-friendly insurance, she will likely continue to pay her own premiums. However, the intended parents will always pay co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance relating to the surrogacy process. For surrogates who need new policies, the intended parents will also cover health insurance premiums. Coverage typically begins before an embryo transfer occurs and will continue for at least three months following an uncomplicated pregnancy and up to six months following a c-section.

Need Help Navigating Insurance for Surrogacy? Contact Elevate Today for Help

Whether a surrogate requires insurance based in California or any other surrogacy-friendly state, Elevate will help her and the intended parents navigate the complex process of obtaining and verifying insurance. Health and life insurances are just one component of the more extensive surrogacy process. Having an experienced surrogacy agency in California on your side will provide peace of mind that each portion of every surrogacy journey is handled professionally and properly. If you are interested in becoming a surrogate or learning more about Elevate’s surrogacy services as an intended parent, contact us here or give us a call at 323-933-8918.


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