What Are The Long-Term Effects on a Child Born Through an Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a wonderful option for intended parents to build the family they have dreamt of, especially if they are unable to have children on their own. If you have been researching the best options for you in regards to welcoming a child into the world, you may have some questions about egg donation and how it could affect your child later on in life. 

Elevate Egg Donor Agency is proud to offer intended parents in California the chance to build their family by utilizing egg donors. However, before going through the egg donor journey, it’s beneficial for intended parents to know how it may affect their child in the long term. 

Do Children Born Through Egg Donation Experience Long-Term Effects?

When researching egg donation, you may have some reasonable concerns concerning your future child and whether they will experience any long-term effects as a result of their conception via egg donation. 

When beginning the egg donation journey, you will learn that you have the option to decide whether the egg donation will be anonymous or known. Depending on the type of donation you choose, this decision may have a potential long-term impact on both your child and your relationship with them in the future. 

How Can Utilizing a Known Donor Affect Your Child in the Future?

A known egg donor is any donor who was known, or was even asked, by the intended parents to donate their eggs. For a known donor, the long-term effects that your child may experience include the following:

  • If the known donor was a family member of an intended parent, the child will share a biological connection with the donor. This can potentially be positive for children and their intended parents when it comes to forming a bond. 
  • Many children born through an egg donation often become curious about their donor later in life. With a known donor, the child may have access to more information on the donor who contributed to their conception and possibly forge an ongoing connection with the donor
  • For other known donors, it may simply be an egg donor that has shared her personal information with the recipients during the donation process.  Having a donor’s contact information may be helpful down the road to maintain family health history.

To learn more about how known egg donors can have an impact on your child in the future, contact Elevate Egg Donor Agency for more information. 

What Are the Possible Impacts of Using Anonymous Egg Donors? 

An anonymous egg donor’s personal details are not revealed to intended parents or the child. When opting for an anonymous donor, there is no way for the intended parents or the child to contact the donor, as well as no way for the donor to contact the intended parents or child. However, it should be noted that with the increase in the use of genetic technology, it is now much easier for these children to try to find their donor if they decide to do so in the future. 

While anonymous egg donors were once considered the norm for egg donation, when researching the impact that these types of donors have on future children, opinions have changed on whether they are positive for the child. Many children may notice that they do not share similar traits to one or both of their parents. Keeping a child’s birth origin a secret through anonymous egg donation can lead to inner discomfort and confusion for the child, as they may feel like they do not fully belong to their parents. 

The complexity of children’s psychology and identity development may not yet be fully appreciated and understood regarding anonymous donors and the long-term effects children may experience later in life as a result.

Reach Out to Elevate Egg Donor Agency to Learn More About Egg Donation & Its Effect on Children

At Elevate Egg Donor Agency, we understand that egg donation offers intended parents the chance to welcome a child into their family. While egg donation is a wonderful option to help intended parents build a family, it is important that you are aware of the potential long-term effects that children may experience. 

With years of experience serving high-profile and celebrity clients, we treat all intended parents with the same concierge-level service to ensure joyful and successful journeys. We are some of the best of the best and will work to make sure everyone involved is happy throughout their journey. Contact us today for more information regarding egg donation by calling (323) 933-8918 or filling out our contact form.


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